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Front lit signage​ is signage boards that are seen in the exterior part of the store. They are placed above the entrance or windows because it creates a brand awareness from distance itself. WC Prints expertise in Channel Letter Signage and Front Lit Signage.

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Front lit signage services in Indore

Channel letter signage is customizable in any color, size, or shape according to your brand and you can trust WC Prints for outdoor signage as we have 22+ years of experience. Outdoor letters for signs can be even illuminated in neon or LED to make them more attractive.

Nothing is better than advertising outdoors. The reason being lots of people pass by and the new products or advertisements gain popularity with ease. When the companies think of marketing their products, they always think that hundreds and thousands of people must see it. This is done so that the company’s product can be popularized among the target audience.

WC Prints is happy to present our customers Front lit Banners. These banners, including front lit channel letter signs and front lit sign boards, are designed for the purpose of outdoor marketing. These have become very famous among the companies, who want to advertise their products.

They come with lights behind them which make them readable at night. This helps you to reach your potential customers 24/7 which is great for the advertisement campaign. Companies can use the custom template that is available at our website or the printing of the banners can be customized based on the requirements of the customers. The customers can also upload the design that they want on the banners or they can use the website’s web application to design the banner.

These banners can be made in Vinyl Backlit Banners, which function in both frontlit and backlit applications. They enhance the advertisements even more because it uses more advanced technology in designing and selection of ink. These front lit banners only shine when the color of the Banners is white. As white brings out all the colors that are used for printing the advertisements. So it makes it a necessity for the background to only be white.

These kinds of banners can be hung as hoardings also. The best part is that these Front Lit Banners are weatherproof; hence they are resistant to UV Rays and are fungus Resistant. The colors that are used in printing the banners are made of a special ink, so that print can retain its glow and balance on the material that is used for banners.

Channel letter signage

Channel letter signage is another popular choice among our customers. Many of our present customers believe that this banner is the best way to advertise or market a company because it’s the light that plays the major role. Many of our customers have been using the banners for more than a year. So just the quality that we supply is not important, but the importance of how the channel letter signage banners are being maintained is equally important. These last even for five years or more.

Since the customers need to purchase these banners online, the customers are always in doubt; if the product would be the same as they had selected. We guarantee that whatever you select, whether it’s front lit signage, front lit channel letter sign, or front lit sign board, will have the same effect when seen in reality.

We have received a lot of appreciation for the quality of the product we supply, for the sustainability and usability of the product, the shipping of the product and so on. As we believe that the quality should be the best, we take one step ahead and assure that both our present and future clients will be happy with our product and the service.

So buy backlit banners, front lit signage, front lit channel letter signs, or front lit sign boards from us and light up your advertising campaign

Front lit signage

Front-lit signage looks exactly like a billboard but is not. Front-lit sign board is a form of advertising that is a combination of dimensional letters and lighting incorporated within the signage itself. Front-lit channel letter signs are typically made from aluminum because it becomes soft enough to bend to small shapes and can withstand any weather conditions. 

Channel Letter Signage

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We have the expertise to provide top-quality channel letter signage boards in all sizes and at competitive prices. We believe in delivering front-lit signages that are durable and made from premium quality only.

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