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One way vision printing is a perfect marketing tool on glass and at the same time hides the inside view of the store or a cabin. One way vision sticker printing is made from self-adhesive vinyl material and can be printed in any shape and size.

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Why one way vision films from WC Prints?

1. Protection from Privacy.

There are different types of vinyl used for branding on the glass window

  • White Vinyl

  • Frosted Vinyl

  • One Way Vision Glass Films

  • One Way Vision Banners

  • One Way vision stickers Printing

  • One Way Vision Window Films

  • Clear Vinyl (i.e 100% transparent) etc.

We require one-way vision films when it comes to protection from our privacy along with branding. 

People also know the one-way vision films as a dotted film

The drawback of the clear, white, and frosted film is when it is pasted-on gloss. A clear does not allow privacy of the inside due to full transparency from the outside and white & frosted film do not allow visibility from inside to outside through the glass.

A corporate house, hospitals, malls, real estate, and banking sector cover the entire gloss wall to keep in mind the privacy of their business, working manpower, and branding point of view. even retail shops are not behind branding on one-way vision film.

The concept of a one-way vision printing film is “It works perfectly when the outer side atmosphere is brighter compared to the inside.“

There is a human tendency of the mind to see bright color first and dark color later, on this concept a vinyl media is prepared. Outer side white base (printable), backside black (adhesive).

After placing it on the glass window, In a daytime the outer side is brighter compared to the inside so only an advertising message is displayed from the outside. While you are inside you will see a bright atmosphere through the gloss except for the black backing vinyl.

2. Promote Product, Service, and Brand Name

To tell more about your service, product and brand widely the right space can be seen for a 3-4 meter long distance. You do not require to spend a huge amount of money like making a board, specialized space for placing board with limited space, light, and all related accessories.

What is a one-way vision printing film and how does it work?

  • A one-way vision film is made of 0.3mm to 0.4mm, thicker, and white color flexible PVC (poly-vinyl-carbonate), easy to cover the required shape (reel form).

  • One side high coating white color (easy to print side) and the opposite black color (adhesive with release paper).

  • Standard sizes of one-way vision films come 3-4-5 ft wide and any size in length.

  • A one-way vision film covers 70% advertising and 30% small circle holes for visuals from inside. It can print easily from large format eco-solvent printing machines.

  • After pasting on the outer side glass, visibility from the inside (one-way vision film back) only 30% and outside (advertising content) cover 70% can be seen.

  1. One-way vision film covers 70% of the area for branding and 30% to the visible outside.

  2. Easy to place and remove the film on the glass. The installation cost is very low.

  3. High-quality digital color printing adoptable media.

  4. Delivery in roll form only.

  5. Larger content is better in terms of visibility.

Printing quality digital and high-tech printing machines 1200 DPI -2400 DPI makes your advertising content more engaging.

Poster Design Rule

  • Use High-Quality Images

  • Minimum and bigger content made it easy to read.

  • Must add a call to action

One way vision handling tips

  1. Always keep in roll form.

  2. Do not press it.

  3. Until it is fixed on the gloss handle gently.

WC Prints provides custom one-way vision film designing and printing services at affordable prices to decorate the office. Get the benefit of same-day pick from the store and avail of doorstep delivery.

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One way vision glass film

One way vision window film is a creative way to transform your glass doors or windows into attractive displays. They are for multipurpose use to grab the consumer’s attention by advertising your brand or have some privacy.

Why a one way vision banner?

One way vision printing is an innovative way to market the unutilized space is affordable, and reduces direct sun rays. It is easy to apply, gives a one way vision effect, and looks attractive.

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